Proyecto Ciudadanía

Welcome to Esperanza Group Inc and its Proyecto Ciudadania®.

Our print and multimedia bilingual educational materials are developed, tested, produced and distributed from our Chicago offices.

One of our main objectives is for our titles to significantly contribute toward the educational development of the Spanish-speaking population of the United States.
One of our current focuses is the area of immigration, consequently our team includes legal professionals practicing immigration and nationality law and experts in marketing, translation, and interpretation regarding the United States market segment with interests to be served.

Similarly, the strategic partnerships of Esperanza Group Inc. include those forged with corporate and non-profit entities who are working to reach this growing population segment whose culture and language are becoming each day more important in the daily life of the United States.

Mainly, we promote the importance of learning and education within our community in this country. We deeply hold the belief that the individual progresses and prospers by achieving United States citizenship. Likewise, we believe that the progress and prosperity of the individual inevitably means the prosperity and progress of his or her family, his or her community, and the prosperity and progress of our United States.

At Esperanza Group Inc. we are committed to being direct participants in the development and progress of the Spanish-speaking community of the United States.

If you like more information about Esperanza Group Inc., please contact us:

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Proyecto Ciudadania