May 2011

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  • House Bill Could Lengthen Detentions for Immigrants Awaiting Deportation
    Posted: 5/28/2011
    Human rights advocates warned Tuesday about potential civil rights violations in a congressional bill that proposes long-term jailing of immigrants who cannot be returned promptly to their home countries.
    The bill was the subject of a House Judiciary subcommittee on immigration policy and enforcement hearing in Washington, D.C.
    The Supreme Court has ruled that immigrants awaiting deportation can be detained by U.S. police no more than six months.

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  • Activists Applaud Investigation into Secure Communities
    Posted: 5/28/2011
    CHICAGO ? Pro-immigrant activists on Monday rejected pressure against the decision by Illinois to withdraw from the controversial Secure Communities program and applauded an investigation into the program announced by the Department of Homeland Security.

    ?This is a program that has lied to the people in Illinois and to Congress,? said Joshua Hoyt, executive director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

    In a communique, the ICIRR, which is comprised of 130 organizations, applauded the decision by the DHS Office of Inspector General to investigate the program.

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  • Welcoming more immigrants could help boost the U.S. economy
    Posted: 5/6/2011
    Immigration policy may be a place to look for economic growth in the U.S.

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  • Alabama to Undocumented Kids: No Prom For You!
    Posted: 5/6/2011
    Having trouble finding a date for the prom? Don't worry; under a bill that recently passed the Alabama state senate, undocumented teens might not be able to attend either. SB 256, the "Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act,"
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  • Pregnant Dallas Mother Deported To Mexico
    Posted: 5/6/2011
    DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) ? You either agree or disagree with how our country handles immigration, but there are real people sometimes caught in the middle.

    Immigration experts say authorities are increasingly reviewing their files to find people in the U.S. illegally.

    One of those recently tracked down and deported is a pregnant Dallas mother, Betty Lopez.

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  • Is the next immigration fight over 'anchor babies'?
    Posted: 5/1/2011
    While the nation's political dialogue was hijacked over the issue of President Obama's birthplace, bubbling below the surface is the fact that a child of illegal immigrants born in the United States -- derided by some as "anchor babies" -- could one day be president.

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