April 2012

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  • Rubio's 'DREAM Act' is a 21st Century Bracero Program for Immigrant Youth
    Posted: 4/12/2012
    After being criticized by Latinos throughout the country for his Tea Party-friendly anti-immigrant positions, Florida Senator and rumored GOP Vice-Presidential possibility, Marco Rubio, has started introducing the idea of what some are calling the ?Republican DREAM Act.?

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  • ICE Slow to Embrace Alternatives to Immigrant Detention
    Posted: 4/12/2012
    The recently unveiled immigrant detention center in Karnes City, Texas hardly looks like a prison at all.

    By most accounts, the Karnes County Civil Detention Center is an improvement over a sprawling U.S. immigrant-detention network, plagued by often horrific conditions and lax oversight, that costs U.S. taxpayers over $2 billion a year.

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  • Immigration Chief Outlines His Priorities
    Posted: 4/10/2012
    Alejandro Mayorkas, a veteran federal prosecutor, is the director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
    Among other things, Mayorkas? agency grants immigration and citizenship benefits, manages the process that allows people from other countries to work in the United States and helps administer the E-Verify system, which helps employers verify whether their newly hired employees are eligible to work in the United States.
    Mayorkas oversees an agency with a $3 billion annual budget and 18,000 employees and contractors working at more than 200 offices worldwide. He previously served as the U.S. attorney for the Central District of California. President Barack Obama nominated him to his current position in April 2009, and the U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed him in August of that year.
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