February 2012

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  • Nuevo golpe contra ley de Arizona
    Posted: 2/29/2012
    WASHINGTON, D.C.- Mientras la Corte Suprema delibera su destino final, tribunales menores continúan desintegrando la polémica ley SB 1070. Hoy la jueza de la Corte de Distrito de Arizona, Susan Bolton, bloqueó una parte de la legislación que prohíbe a las personas obstruir el tráfico, cuando buscan jornaleros en las calles.

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  • Immigration, deportation -- and no right to return?
    Posted: 2/17/2012
    Three years ago, the Justice Department assured the Supreme Court that although it sometimes deported immigrants while they were challenging unfavorable court decisions, it would bring those people back to the United States if they won on appeal. That was U.S. policy, the department asserted. The justices relied on that statement in deciding that immigrants would not suffer irreparable harm if they were forced to leave the country while still appealing their cases.

    Now it turns out, according to U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff, that the government's assertion may have been false. In fact, it may be that those who are wrongfully deported stand little chance of returning.

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  • Obama renews call for Dream Act OK
    Posted: 2/16/2012

    President Obama's call for relief for illegal immigrants brought here as children marked the second straight year he's made the plea in his State of the Union speech.

    Highlighting a downturn in illegal border crossings, President Obama said Tuesday night that it's time for comprehensive immigration reform. But he acknowledged that's not likely, urging Congress to at least help children of illegal immigrants who are committed to going to college or joining the military, a concept known as the Dream Act.

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  • Report looks at border security, or does it?
    Posted: 2/15/2012
    A 42-page report released last month by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) called "Border Security: Immigration Enforcement Between Ports of Entry" says the number of people convicted of major crimes who are apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol in Fiscal 2011 was less than 1 percent.

    But, some criminals with non-serious criminal records also may be coming into the United States, and others may be illegally entering by hiding in vehicles or using fake identification.

    The report includes a chart that presents data since Fiscal Year 2005 on the percentage of unique subjects apprehended by the Border Patrol more than once in a fiscal year (the recidivism rate) and the percentage of subjects with a prior conviction for a major crime.
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  • Latinos won't forget Romney's 'anti-immigrant' talk
    Posted: 2/4/2012
    Miami, Florida (CNN) -- Responding angrily to a campaign ad from Newt Gingrich accusing him of being anti-immigrant, Mitt Romney insisted during last week's Republican debate at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville that he has no problem with immigrants.

    Perhaps not. But the dishonest and cynical way in which the former governor of Massachusetts has dealt with the immigration issue on the campaign trail shows that he has a problem being consistent.

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